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Spray Tanning Versus The Sun (Which Tan Is Better?)

There are a number of advantages to getting spray on tans over traditional tanning methods. First of all, getting a tan this way allows you to avoid those harmful UV rays that can prematurely wrinkle and damage your skin. In fact, UV rays have been known to cause many types of skin cancers. There can be though, potential side effects that you need to be up to date on. 

Spray on tans are extremely convenient and can be less painful than other tanning methods. This is especially true when you think about the consequences of getting a burn while staying under either the sun or a tanning bed’s bulbs for too long. In addition, fake tans can be put on at any time. 

Spray tans don’t take very long to apply and that has become a favorite reason why many women get them on a regular basis. In addition, allowing a technician to apply your tan can be cheaper than many other methods, even for repeat users. 

Spray on tans are perfect for getting a little colour before that special event or trip, especially a trip to a sunny locale. When you’re on the beach, you don’t want to be so pale you blend in with the sand. 

You want to appear perfect for all to see, right? In addition, the active ingredient DHA is only temporary, primarily because DHA only reacts with the keratin protein found in the top-most layer of skin. 

There are though, a few potential side effects that can easily be handled to achieve that sun-kissed glow that will follow you around continuously, or at least until your dead skin cells slough off. The most common side effect is unnatural skin discoloration. 

As an example, very few ultra-fair skinned women can get a yellowish-orange tint after their tanning session. This could be because of various reasons including the tanning technician’s lack of skill or the tanning solution just isn’t right for your skin tone. 

In addition, there is the possibility of darker splotches where dry skin tends to form such as on the fingers, toes, elbows and knees. Therefore, it is highly important to exfoliate and moisturize before and after the tanning session respectively. 

In addition, tans that are sprayed on have been known to cause streaking on the skin, primarily because the technician hasn’t prepared properly. Therefore, make sure that their spray tanning equipment is clean and well maintained. In addition, the solution needs to be applied at least 6 to 10 inches away from the skin, the nozzle shouldn’t dispense solution in one place too long and the solution should be applied in an up and down, not circular, motion. 

Spray on tans can be the perfect solution to getting that sun-kissed glow that is highly favored in today’s society. When you do your part, exfoliation the night before and moisturization after the tanning session and your tanning technician does their part with having the skill and cleaning equipment necessary to apply a smooth and even tan, your tanning session will be very successful.

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